Our Family

Our lives are rooted in the ocean

Our family has been fishing in the Patagonian waters for three generations. As operators of small fishing boats, we are just like the many other small fisherman who have been making their living by fishing here for as long as you can see back. Our work is also our craft. Our fellow fisherman are also our family.

We look out for each other and for the ocean that sustains us. Together, we insure that we respect the life of the ocean, take only what we need and leave more behind for those who will come after us.

Our Network

We protect a legacy of fair labor

We cherish the legacy of working with our hands. Small vessels run by people we know insures that we respect the ocean and the gifts it gives us. We look out for our fellow fisherman and have created a network that works much like a family.

We make their lives easier and more fruitful by bringing their products to market and sharing in the practices that protect our livelihood and way of life. Because we are one of them, we are trusted members of the larger family.

Our Mission

Sharing the bounty while protecting our ocean

With our network of fisherman, our mission is to protect the Patagonian ocean with our artisinal craft of sustainable fishing while sharing with the world some of the finest shrimp on earth. We promote the maintenance of small fishing boats operated by local families who fish responsibly by taking what they need and leaving more for those who will come after us.