What is Patagonian Shrimp?

The products of Royal Oceana come from a very special and little known part of the world. The Atlantic Ocean just north of the South Pole, hugging the coast of Argentina is pristine and free of industrialized pollutants.

Our shrimp is caught in St. George’s Gulf, a very rich feeding ground created by warm and cold water currents coming together. This shrimp is non-GMO and and feeds naturally in its environment.  It is one of the last cold water, wild caught shrimp in the world.

We have been fishing in these waters for more than 30 years. Our small fishing vessels and network of local fishermen take only quantities that can replenish themselves and be sustainable. Now we can share the bounty of our catch with people who appreciate quality and craftsmanship of small batch fishing.


  • Sustainable Fishing Practices

  • Tastes Like Lobster

  • Non GMO
  • Wild Caught
  • No Antibiotics

  • Small Artisanal Fisherman
  • Fair Labor Practices

New Products

We hope that our products meet all your needs. However, if you have a need for shrimp in a different form, we would like to hear from you. Tell us and we may be able to bring it to you.